When homeowners are ready to put their home on the market, one of the most frequently asked questions revolves around whether new carpet should be part of the preparations. Will buyers want to choose their own carpet? Can I just have it cleaned? Should I go for a more eye-catching color? Understanding the answers to these questions can make or break your home as a successful sale.

Carpet and paint are the two things in a home that prospective buyers will notice first. Regardless of how spotless or modernized the rest of the house is, if the carpet looks worn or stained, the buyer will perceive the house as “in need of work”. This can drive the price  of your home down and turn away those who prefer a home that’s ready for move-in.

New carpet can transform a house

Replacing the carpet is one of the cheapest return-on-investment improvements that you can make to a home before selling it. New carpet will drastically improve the overall look of a home, giving it a fresh, move-in ready appearance that’s just not possible with carpet that’s only been cleaned.

It’s also important to install the right carpet. Although a few buyers may have picked out brighter colors for their own homes, those looking to buy a house will have a better impression of neutral colors. So stifle the urge to wow guests with maroon carpet and go with a beige instead.

Although replacing the carpet may sound like a hassle and it may be tempting to simply leave it to the new owners for a discounted price, it’s definitely worth it to undertake the task yourself. You’ll be much more likely to win over prospective buyers and you won’t have to take a steep price cut for needed maintenance on the house. So bite the bullet and put in the new carpet. You’ll be glad that you did.