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Hardwood refinishing is a necessary service for many

Hardwood floor refinishing is a necessary part of hardwood flooring maintenance, helping the floors not only last longer but look better as well. Over time, daily wear takes a toll on even the most durable woods, and this service can restore that look as close to new as possible. Read along for more information on refinishing and how it can serve you and your family.

Wood floor refinishing, and you

You don't have to put off wood floor refinishing, thinking it will be a huge interruption in your life because that isn't always the case. Instead, you can have refinishing projects broken up in such a way that your lifestyle can continue with only minor infractions on your space and time. We will assess your needs and tell you precisely what you can expect to plan accordingly for those requirements. Hardwood floor refinishing works by removing all the signs of wear and abuse that can accumulate over years or decades of in-home traffic. Scratches, spots, and general wear all mar the surface of your flooring, but they can be sanded away quickly and easily. As the refinishing process progresses from sanding to restaining, you’ll find you can even add a different stain color for a wholly new appearance once the service is complete. To push your next refinishing service back as far as possible, consider adding a texture to your finish, such as wire-brushed, distressed, or hand scraped. The natural surface of these options can hide scratches and scuffs and maintain the appearance of your flooring longer. Then, when you're ready to discuss all your options, visit us for a full consultation.



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Jack's Carpet is a great place to purchase flooring, but we also provide the services that keep that flooring looking great, especially over time. Hardwood floor refinishing is one of those services, and our seasoned associates are experienced and well-equipped to handle any project, large or small. We’ll discuss your specific requirements with you and suggest options that cater to your need as well as your budget, so don’t delay. From our showroom in Webster, TX, we serve residents from League City, TX, Friendswood, TX, Clear Lake / Houston, TX, Seabrook, TX, and Dickinson, TX. When you’re ready to discuss your needs, you’re invited to visit us any time. From sanding floors to complete replacement, we offer everything you need for stunning wood floors again.
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