How to choose your carpet

How to choose your carpet

Selecting the carpet for your home is an important step to either replace outdated floors or create a new living space. In addition to being a sizable investment, your choice of carpeting will have a significant impact on the comfort, of your home and how easy it will be to maintain. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to ensure that your choice fits what you’re looking for, but there are some important qualities that are crucial to consider and can make your purchase a lot easier to decide.

Types of carpet fibers

  • Wool is very durable and soft, as well as eco-friendly. However, the price tag is steep and usually prevents most people from choosing this option.
  • Nylon is generally considered the most durable for foot traffic and extended use. The fibers do not resist stains on their own, so nylon carpets are often coated in a stain treatment system that can effectively resist stains.
  • Polyester can be constructed in several forms, but when made in a Continuous Filament Platform, it can be a great alternative to nylon. These fibers are usually made from recycled bottles, making it eco-friendly, and natural stain resistance is often bolstered by treatments, similar to nylon.
  • Solution dyed polyester is constructed from colored fibers rather than dyed white ones. While color options may be limited, this option offers a great value as it’s nearly stain proof, UV resistant, bleach resistant, eco-friendly, and often more economic than other options.
  • Olefin resists stains very well, but it not as soft or durable as other options. It can quickly be crushed by heavy foot traffic.

Carpet density denotes how close the fibers are together, which will dictate how long it will resist being crushed, but can also determine how soft a carpet will be. More dense fibers often means more durability while detracting from softness, although there are exceptions to this rule.

Carpet pricing

Your budget is obviously a concern when selecting a carpet for your home. It’s important to consider what factors you really need in a carpet and weigh that against how it may affect the price, plus what you’re actually paying for in the carpet that you select. Generally speaking, the price will increase as a carpet becomes higher quality, but some styles may be more pricey because of their style or unique features. If you’re eyeing an option that’s significantly lower cost than others of the same type, you may want to find out the reason for the price drop.

Stain resistance

Since the carpet that you select will be prominently viewed in your home for years to come, preventing stains is a serious concern. Families with children may also want to take special care to select a carpet that will effectively resist stains. There are two main ways in which carpets can repel stains: the natural resistance of the material and treatment. Some fibers, such as polyester, do not absorb liquids well, meaning that it will not retain spilled liquids as much as others. Carpet fibers can also be treated with a stain repelling chemical, which helps the material to repel foreign liquids. Some methods only treat the tips of the fiber, which quickly wears off, while a better option will treat the entire fiber and backing. Selecting a carpet that will effectively repel stains can protect your investment and extend the life of your carpet.

Your carpet choice can significantly affect the upkeep, comfort, and appearance of your home. Selecting the right fit for your lifestyle, budget, and preferences is important, and with a basic knowledge of the available options you can confidently choose the perfect option. If you are having difficulty selecting the best carpet choice for your home, you can contact us for personalized advice.