How to remove carpet stains

How to remove carpet stains

Every homeowner tries to keep their carpet clean and free of stains. However, even the most diligent owner can find themselves facing a stain in their home’s carpet, wondering if it’ll ever come out. The good news is that the majority of carpeting stains can be removed if you know the proper technique.

The first key to stains is to quickly blot up any spills immediately after they occur, to minimize the damage. Start off with a dry towel, blotting from the outside of the area toward the center. Never scrub the carpet, as you could make the stain spread or damage the fibers.

Depending on the type of stain, you’ll need to use a different method to remove it. For contaminants that are water soluble, such as alcoholic beverages, mud, urine, cola, or berries, you’ll need to to mix ¼ teaspoon of detergent(without bleach) combined with 32 ounces of water.

Certain stains, such as blood, coffee, tea, and wine are a bit tougher and you may need to try a few methods. Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with 1 cup of water, although do not use this solution on wool carpet. For solution-dyed carpets like propylene you can also try one part chlorine bleach to 5 parts water. If you’re unsure of the material or fiber of your carpet, contact the manufacturer or your carpet company to find out.

For spilled glue, dip a soft cloth in rubbing alcohol before pressing it on the area. Once the glue becomes moistened you can gently wipe it away. Gum and wax can be frozen using ice and then shattered with a spoon in small pieces that can be vacuumed away.

If your carpet carries stain resistance, you’ll need to clean it with special products or you may impair their ability or void your warranty.

Although immediately spot cleaning any messy areas is an obvious necessity, you should have your carpet thoroughly cleaned every 12 – 18 months by enlisting the help of professionals or renting a steam cleaner.